Meucci MECAS03 Casino 3 Pool Cue


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Tip: 12.75mm Le Pro
Ferrule: 1 ?Ó Polycarbonate
Shaft: 29″ Special build THE PRO SHAFT – Solid Maple
Pin: 5/16 x 18
Collar: White Collar with Blue Paua Shell Dice
Forearm:ÊBlack with cream outlined blue paua shell inlaid floating points alternating cream and blue paua shell lines ending with each suite of cards
Wrap: Lacquered Black with Natural Spec Linen
Butt Sleeve:ÊBlue Paua Shell Sleeve with a 4-Card Royal Flush Bordered by Blue Paua Shell Dice
Butt Plate: White with Black BMC Signature
Bumper: Meucci Plug Bumper
Additional Information

This cue is weight changeableÊ
This cue does not come with joint protectors.Ê
This cue does not come with an extension.Ê
This cue does not come with a case.
Warranty :Ê1 Year Manufactures

ÊCard Suits will Vary


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